Are you taking care of a puppy?:

That means either you just bought a cute puppy, or you are becoming a reluctant parent after the puppy is born. No matter what the reason, we will share and learn together – how to fulfill their responsibility.’

When raising a new puppy, every day we should observe a few times, avoid letting the mother dog injure the puppy and take care of the puppy to facilitate breastfeeding. If the test finds any child climbing out of its place, put them in a safe position. Puppy milk is best still breast milk because breastmilk provides adequate nutrition. Especially antibodies that help puppies fight off disease in the first months of life without any milk replacements.

Nutrition of puppy and standard care:

If your puppy has no condition to breastfeed or breast milk, you can buy more milk for a puppy or newborn dog. This is the solution when the puppy is too young to lose his mother or leave his mother too soon.
Not all kinds of milk can be taken by puppies because their digestive system is immature.

 If improper milk is used, it will affect long-term health and development such as digestive disorders, diarrhea, non-steaming. collection, stunting, growth retardation, epilation.
After 21 days, puppies can walk, now we can feed them more rice or dilute porridge, add fish liver oil, fish-meal and bone-meal or nutritious nuts for dogs to provide adding minerals, protein, nutritional balance is inadequate, helping puppies eat better and develop healthier.
Using worm-medicine when the dog is 3 weeks old, 15 days after birth we feed milk combined 3-4 times / day, after 50-60 days we can wean them.

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