Eating: If your pet has eaten more than a day, it is a sign that you need to take them to the doctor. Besides, when they have other signs such as tiredness, vomiting, or oral tumors, it also indicates that your pet is likely to have an infection, stomach illness or parasite. The doctor will tell you the most accurate answer.

Drinking water: Normally, dogs need about 20 – 70ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. This number for cats is 60 – 120ml. If it does not meet this standard, you should bring your pet to see a doctor for advice.

Evasion: If cats and dogs start to avoid interacting with humans and often escape, there may be a lot of instability in your body. It may be because they are unwell or are under stress.

Suddenly becoming aggressive: If your gentle pet suddenly becomes aggressive, you need to take them to the doctor to find out the cause, maybe they have pain or infection at some point. Pain can change the mood of pets.

Regularly go to the bathroom: If your dog or cat is more defecated than usual, especially if the color of your urine is altered, don’t ignore it, immediately bring them to a doctor.
Hair licking habits: One of the reasons a pet licks a certain area of the body is because it can be itchy or painful inside. Sometimes, cats lick their feathers due to stress or anxiety. But for dogs, they often scratch the tail area, between their hips due to allergies.

Unusual eye signs: A red eye or a third eyelid are signs that your pet is not feeling well.
Sleep more than 16 hours / day: Cats can sleep up to 13 – 16 hours a day or even longer if they are not bored. However, for some reasons such as stress, Lyme disease or viral infection that can cause them to be immunocompromised, making sleep longer than usual. In this case, you should let them go to the doctor.
Epilation: If your pet has too much hair loss, it is a sign to take them to the doctor because they can suffer from skin diseases, malnutrition, allergies …

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